Our volunteers are an integral part of our organization!

To volunteer, fill out a Volunteer Form here and email it to info@suzukiproject.org, or mail to: CSP, PO Box 30316, Cincinnati, OH 45230.

Currently we have the following Board and Volunteer Positions available:

Board Positions

Treasurer Manage financial records and upkeep. For a full position description, click here.

Vice President: Chair board meetings in president’s absence. Maintain to-do list and distribute within 1 week of meetings. Arrange meeting space.

Volunteer Coordinator: Recruit and instruct volunteers. Report current volunteer activities and volunteer needs to the board. Serve on Board Development Committee.

Corporate Relations: Identify and solicit contributions from businesses and corporations, and develop ongoing relationships. Work closely with Finance Committee to meet yearly goals.

Marketing Chair: Create brochures, flyers and other publicity materials for CSP. Work on web site.

Public Relations Chair: Research PR and advertising opportunities for CSP. Write articles for newspapers and other media. Assist with CSP newsletter.

Finance Chair: Lead and oversee progress of Finance Committee, working with the Treasurer, board and professionals for financial assessment and necessary planning.

Recruiting and Community Outreach Chair: Plan and carry out student recruiting efforts, including overseeing the PR table at CSP events. Work with the Artistic Directors to identify and arrange performance locations. Report to board all recruiting and outreach efforts.

For more information or a Board of Directors application, please call 513-231-3523 or email info@suzukiproject.org.

Volunteer Needs

  • Grant writing assistance
  • Newsletter layout & design
  • Marketing design of CSP brochure or email newsletters
  • Post flyers around the city (libraries, schools, coffee shops, etc.).
  • Recruiting assistance with CSP display table at concerts
  • Research performance and other publicity opportunities for CSP to reach out to Greater Cincinnati.
  • Video of CSP concerts
  • Fall solicitation drive leadership
  • Fall solicitation drive assistance
  • Spring raffle assistance
  • Corporate Relations assistance
  • Music organization of studio files
  • Administrative assistance with office tasks

For more information on volunteer positions, please call 513-231-3523
or email info@suzukiproject.org.

Board of Directors 2020-21

  • Dr. Vincent Phelan, Artistic Director
  • Elizabeth Council-Phelan, Artistic Director
  • Chari Ramkumar, President 
  • Paul Inderhees, Treasurer
  • Ranjani Parthasarathy, Secretary
  • David Dukart, Public Relations
  • Jane Welling, Recruiting and Community Outreach