He proudly declares to family and friends that he takes violin lessons; violin has given him an added confidence, a performable skill that he can demonstrate.” – J.P.

“My son is doing better than ever in his violin studies. He has a lot of room for improvement but I have been thrilled with his progress. While it’s been slow, his practice habits have gone from sporadic in frequency and length (as well as attitude) to very regular (every day) and well structured.” – G.S.

“Thank you so much Elizabeth and Vince for a wonderful 13 years of violin instruction for our daughter. Thank you caring for her, giving her confidence, loving her, and watching her grow into the beautiful person she is.” – T.G.

“My daughter has become a much more motivated violinist. She enjoys playing review pieces, loves the Saturday classes, and enjoys the concerts (especially dressing up). She has fun socializing with the other students, and I think she has gained a lot of confidence in her playing ability.” – N.M.

“In our Saturday group classes, I love to watch how Vince playfully interacts with our youngest students in one session, and in another session provides serious, sophisticated instruction to our older students.” – K.F.

“My son has gained confidence in himself through his violin studies as it is something that he feels he is good at.” -G.S.

“Elizabeth and Vince are wonderful people and excellent teachers. My daughter played her violin at church on Sunday for a congregation of around 250 to 300 people, and did an excellent job. I definitely think Elizabeth and Vince can take much credit for good teaching.”- H.F.

“CSP is the reason I still have such a passion for music – thank you for instilling that in me!” – CSP alumna

“It is so important for our children to learn to appreciate the communities in which they live, and to give back to those communities in any way they can. In CSP, our kids go out into the community to give free performances to the elderly in nursing homes or to passers-by in our local parks. Cincinnati is a better place because of CSP, and our children are better people because of CSP.” – K.F.

“CSP has totally exceeded my expectations. I am so glad we chose to enroll our son in CSP. Thanks so much.” – K.M.

“Today was the first day of CSP camp. It was fun. I know because I went to it. I think that if you went, you would have a lot of fun.” – young CSP camper

“What my child has gained playing the violin:
1) Self esteem
2) An identifying skill/talent
3) Focus
4) Self control – sitting though a practice or performance
5) Cognitive skills – memory, patterning, math & reading
6) Hand-eye coordination” – A.L.